DopeAF adj ‘dōp-.äf[dope•A•F] creative shitfuckery


1 a: to create something [however small] that has cultural value and inspires critical or satirical thinking.
b: to speak with conviction to those who share your values at whatever personal cost.

c: to produce work that has a symbiotic relationship with its medium. The use of any and every tool at your disposal to expedite the message. If such tool doesn’t exist, it is invented.


I am constantly evolving, learning and trying to make sense of the world. When I create work, I create it because I’m genuinely thinking and struggling with a social issue, moral dilemma or cultural enigma. I have no agenda, just a little hope that other people see how fucking ridiculous the world is too. I do my best to create work that is satirical but empathetic and without ego, and strive daily to create something I think is DopeAF™. DopeAF is a way of thinking, a lens I put on to help bring the absurd more into focus.;I allow myself permission to find humor in difficult subject matter. This means I don’t get it right most of the time, but I’m becoming OK with that. I humbly ask for forgiveness for the many times I get it wrong.

I am in the unique position of being a bystander immersed in the culture of America. Leaving England for the US twenty two years ago has allowed me to side step any deep rooted political affiliation and cultural norms. I am an English father to an American boy, so when I parody aspects of American culture, I do it from a place of love. I teach him to find the satire in any situation and we embrace irony with open arms. My work is sometimes complicated, but my mantra is simple

Be kind
Be grateful
Don’t be a dick
Be DopeAF™
Every day.